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with a yoga retreat

A retreat experience you will never forget

The retreats include daily yoga classes, sunset meditation and afternoon restorative yoga sessions along with free time to explore the magical Greek islands. All activities are provided with the utmost care and attention with the support of expert instructors. Seva yoga retreats take you off the yoga mat for a truly unique yoga holiday in Greece. Prepare for a complete healing experience in body, mind and soul with everyday yoga and meditation classes. What are you waiting for? Join us and create lasting memories at one of our luxury yoga retreats in Greece!


Hello traveler! We're inviting you on a wellness journey to Greece. Island spirit meets self-care in the form of yoga and other activities, surrounded by Aegean's most breathtaking views. From this transformative experience, you can gain peace and serenity through mindful meditation and breathing, build strength and flexibility, and get in tune with your body and mind.


Our team is made up of a carefully selected body of expert teachers, who are recognized for their wealth of experience, highest standards and dedication to serving others. They draw on a range of yoga styles in their teaching, with each teacher having a unique approach.

Top-class international yoga teachers 

If you are looking for a really unique yoga experience, our teachers are ready to bring you challenging yet inspirational classes. Our yoga retreats are designed to foster a welcoming space where students can find their true potential and our classes are suitable for all levels. 

Greek Island

One of Greece’s most famous features is undeniably its beaches, ranging from sandy shores to secluded beaches, they certainly have a lot to appeal to every traveler. Greek beaches are known for their crystal clear and clean waters. Visitors can enjoy sandy beaches, stretching along over many kilometers of golden sand, pebble beaches with caves, or bays with dunes. 

The crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea

Spend mornings strolling along the peaceful waterfront and taking a dip in jade-coloured waters, before taking yoga sessions and focusing on cultivating mindfulness, self-reflection, healing and relaxation. Take a relaxing dip into the turquoise waters of the Aegean sea and fully immerse yourself in pure natural bliss!

Aegean sea

Cyclades islands - an ideal summer destination


Cyclades is arguably the most popular island group in Greece. The Cyclades islands are famous for their sandy beaches, the characteristic minimal architecture of the houses in white and blue and the breathtaking landscapes, all turning a trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. No wonder visiting Cyclades is on many travelers' bucket lists. 

We make sure you have the perfect getaway, with destinations hand-picked to make our guests’s experience truly unforgettable. We offer immersive experiences in nature, culture, and wellness for our guests to find self-care.

Aegean sea

Stunning luxury venues

Our yoga retreats pair world-class teachers with exquisite island properties in the Greek islands. The collection of villas showcases a range of hand-picked private residencies in Greece offering our guests a memorable experience for their perfect getaway. We offer bespoke services to our valued guests providing unforgettable luxury travel experiences. A mesmerizing experience awaits you!

Luxury villas at Antiparos

Your destination is a 5-villa complex surrounded by lush gardens, just a few steps from Sifneikos Gialos beach and Antiparos town. The villas are distinguished by their harmonious combination of traditional Cycladic architecture, simple clean lines, modern decoration, and unobstructed sea views. Guests can unwind in these luxury villas while admiring the wild Cycladic landscape and the Aegean Sea. The precious blue of the Aegean sea and the simplicity of the Cyclades islands collide with the stone and the abundant Greek light.

High - end villas at Tinos

The resort is situated close to one of Tinos' most stunning beaches and is made up of a group of luxurious villas with unending views of the adjacent islands of Mykonos, Dilos, Rineia, and Syros. Each villa features a private swimming pool with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and is surrounded by gardens with olive trees, grape vines, flowers, and herbs. The resort is also a wellness sanctuary offering a wide range of specialty spa treatments that will leave you radiant and serene.

koufonisi villas
koufonisi villas
koufonisi villas

Local flavors of the Greek cuisine

Ancient wisdom and knowledge is encapsulated in Greek cuisine with its variety of high-quality ingredients and wisely combined combinations. Every Greek island creates a kaleidoscope of tastes with its unique flavors. Spend your holidays in Greece and savor all the flavors each island has to offer, from olives and greek feta cheese to spices such as oregano and thyme. Carefully chosen menus with gluten-free and vegan options are available at our retreats, with health conscious meals, featuring fresh vegetables and superfoods. 


The true island life

Picturesque island villages with houses in white and blue, small chapels, rocky landscapes mixing with the deep blue sea constitute an amazing scenery that changes dramatically from one island to another. Discover some of the best locations of the Greek islands, mingle with the locals and familiarize yourself with the Greek culture. 

We have carefully chosen the islands and the seasons of each retreat carefully. In combination with your yoga practice, a range of activities have been selected in every island to nourish the mind, body and soul. Some of the activities in our list include Greek cooking classes, hiking, archeological sightseeing, boat tours, and wine tasting. 

Seva & the Community

The word "Seva" in Sanskrit means "selfless service". In ancient India, seva was believed to help one's spiritual growth and at the same time contribute to the improvement of a community. Whilst we aim to increase this percentage through the next few years, 5% of the retreat profits will be donated to trusted non-profit organisations serving fresh meals to local communities in need. More information about this donation will be shared with our guests after the retreat takes place.

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