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The perfect place to unwind in Cyclades

Antiparos is located at the heart of the Cyclades group and has becoming increasingly popular due to its laid-back atmosphere and off-the-beaten-path location. Given that Antiparos is only a short boat ride from Paros, it is a fantastic location for a day trip from Paros. Antiparos has become a premium destination, attracting the rich, powerful and famous of the world like Tom Hanks who calls it home for the summer. If you're looking for classic Cycladic beauty - sugar-cubed houses with blue doors and overhanging bougainvillea, fishing boats bobbing in the harbor, and little churches seemingly around every corner - but also the sense of having discovered an island untouched by the holiday crowds, Antiparos is the place to be.

Stroll around Chora and the Venetian castle of Antiparos

The heart of the island beats in Chora, Antiparos' charming city, which is also home to the majority of the island's hotels, restaurants, bars and taverns. Traditional Cycladic architecture may be found in Chora, which also houses a castle built by the Venetians. The main town is quite small and very scenic, with many distinctive whitewashed houses, a large number of upscale boutiques and gift shops, as well as many top-notch restaurants. A magical environment is created in Antiparos town by the narrow, cobbled stone streets and lanes, whitewashed homes adorned with vibrant pink and purple bougainvilleas, and shady eucalyptus trees. The Venetian castle of Antiparos houses the city's historical core, which is connected by the quaint coastal street's commercial districts. This building provided locals with sanctuary when piracy was prevalent in the Aegean Sea. The construction of the castle dates back to the 15th century and is the most interesting medieval construction in the Aegean.


Discover Antiparos' sun-kissed coastline

The island's shores are home to a number of postcard-perfect beaches with calm blue water and golden sand. Most of the beaches on the island are sandy with crystal clear waters and some of the beaches are centrally located and can be reached on foot from the island's capital. You may engage in a variety of activities on the island, including swimming at the beaches that line its lovely coastline, water sports, diving, and kiteboarding. The waters that surround the island are aquamarine blue which invites visitors for a quick swim or snorkel. The island boasts calm waters and sandy beaches on its east side, which faces Paros, and limestone cliffs and sea caves on its west side. The island boasts 57 kilometres of breathtaking beachfront and is endowed with remarkable natural treasures such as crystal-clear green waters, golden sand beaches, and other wonders of the world. Agios Georgios (St. George), Soros, Psaralyki, Sifneiko, Ag Spiridon, and the camping beach are some of the most popular beaches on Antiparos Island with cerulean waters and white-sandy beaches that stretch for miles to relax. The sunset from Sifneiko beach is spectacular, dipping into the Aegean. 

Explore the deserted small islands near Antiparos

If the idea of exploring a Greek island by Catamaran appeals to you, then look no further than Antiparos. A summer day spent floating around the island and appreciating the beauty of the Greek islands on a boat tour is an excellent idea. Three deserted small islands - Despotiko, Tsimintiri and Strongylo - are located west of Antiparos. A small tour boat makes it simple to visit Despotiko and its beaches. One of the most significant ancient sites in the Aegean may be found on the tiny uninhabited island of Despotiko where you can marvel at the ruins of a number of temples that were likely built in honor of the God Apollo. Despotiko also has a great location with great sea views of Antiparos and other islands including Serifos, Sifnos, and Sikinos. There are many boat tours around Antiparos and Despotiko island even from the island of Naxos.


Visit one of the world's most enigmatic caves

The most spectacular sight on the island is a magnificent cave filled with stalactites and stalagmites that can be found on the southern side. The Antiparos Cave is the largest vertical cave in Europe and the oldest stalactite in Europe is among the most exquisite stalactites and stalagmites on display in the cave. The Antiparos Cave has been utilized as a natural shelter since the Neolithic era and the oldest stalagmite, by the entrance, is estimated at 45 million years old. The inscription on the altar of the generals of Alexander the Great, Lord Byron and King Otto - the first modern king of Greece - as well as the marks and scratches on the stalactites and stalagmites, attest to the passing visitors.

Uncover Antiparos's gastronomic scene

With its open fields of Kampos settlement and the Aegean Sea breezes, the island has a unique microclimate that has long favored grapes, tomatoes, lamb, and seafood. Despite its small size, Antiparos has a plethora of options, ranging from picturesque seaside taverns to refined restaurants serving Mediterranean and Greek dishes. The scenic Greek taverns, which serve fresh grilled octopus and a variety of fish, spaghetti with shrimps, and delicious local cheeses like mytzithra, are more common. Also, try the local house wine, which has a delicious flavor. 

Getting to Antiparos

Antiparos island is located one nautical mile southwest of Paros island. You can travel to the island of Paros via the ports of Piraeus or Rafina in Athens or from other Cycladic islands like Mykonos. You can visit Antiparos from the ports of Parikia (the capital of Paros) or Pounda, by boarding on a smaller boat. The trip takes 30 minutes from Parikia or 7 minutes from Pounda. You can fly to Athens, Paros or Mykonos airports to reach Antiparos. There are numerous frequently scheduled flights between Paros and Athens during high season.

Antiparos Retreats 2023


September 9 - 14 | Elle Daniel

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