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Just the mention of Greece is enough to evoke images of sandy beaches, fishing villages, and beautiful scenery. The shores are lush with Mediterranean landscapes and crystal-clear waters offering the impression of paradise. 


One of the most iconic images associated with Greece - apart from the one of the Acropolis - is that of the whitewashed houses with blue windows and blue domed churches. The houses on the islands of Cyclades are characterised by minimalism and the white and blue combination is a trademark of the Cycladic architecture. The Cyclades are named after the way they are arranged as a rough circle of islands around the sacred island of Delos, where the ancient Greeks believed Apollo and Artemis were born.


With over 200 inhabited islands in Greece, it is hard to decide which is the most picturesque island on the Aegean sea. All of our destinations have been personally visited and explored to offer truly exceptional experiences. We are inspired by the untouched natural beauty of the Greek islands.


The wonderful beaches and the plethora of archaeological sites in Greece create the perfect background for delightful yoga sessions. Can you imagine anything better than practising yoga near the beach and having a panoramic view of the sea? 


Discover the island with a long maritime tradition

Discover the island of "The Big Blue" breath-taking scenery

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