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Coming home to You



A comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness encompasses more than just physical health. Holistic wellness is an approach that involves addressing lifestyle factors, nutrition, exercise, stress management, emotional well-being, mental health, social connections, and spiritual fulfillment.

With holistic balance at its core, this retreat in Greece provides a tranquil escape by blending the elements of nature, wellness, and luxury. As you engage in mindful activities, therapeutic sessions, and self-reflection, you'll gradually unravel the layers that have veiled your sense of well-being. Join us on a path to inner bliss, where each moment is an opportunity to reconnect with your genuine self, embrace self-care and uncover the profound healing potential within you.

A wellness holistic retreat journey awaits you


Andros is an island of natural beauty, one of the Greek islands that remains unexplored, with countless beautiful beaches, turquoise waters, historical monuments that document her rich cultural legacy over the centuries, and traditional untouched architecture. Andros island is home to several ship-owner families and to 3 internationally renowned modern art museums, which are notable for their annual displays of art collections by Greek painters and Great Masters such as Picasso, Miro, Klee and Moore.

Your destination is a series of 24 luxury autonomous villas located above the pristine beach of Zorkos in a protected natural environment of unparalleled natural beauty. Zorkos beach, with its blue sparkling waves and large sandy beach, was named one of Greece's top four greatest beaches last year. The comfort of living in a natural environment is combined with all of the modern facilities, services and spa treatments of a luxury resort at Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort. See more images. 

COVID-19 | Cleaning & Safety: All villas have aquired the "Health First" badge and follow the health protocols. The villas are equipped with sanitisers and the high-risk areas are disinfected and thoroughly cleaned daily. Read more

Luxury villas in a private heaven


The Yoga shala 

Your yoga holidays include daily yoga classes, guided meditation, breathing exercises as well as free time for relaxation and rejuvenation. The yoga shala is situated above the pristine beach of Zorkos, perfect for you to practice yoga and meditation with view of the Aegean sea as your backdrop.

Covid-19 Note | The number of participants of this yoga retreat is limited for better social distancing. The purpose of this retreat is to spend as much time as possible outside and in nature. View our ‘Retreating with Safety’ measures and guidelines here.


As a certified Yoga teacher and Holistic & Integrative health coach, Rosie combines yoga and meditation classes with positive psychology to assist people in discovering their mission, aligning with their fundamental values, and empowering them in reaching their health goals through various stages of learning and change.

Rosie works alongside you as a mentor to provide you the necessary tools to execute changes that are the foundations of long-term well-being. She bridges the gap between medical recommendations and people's own ability to successfully make healthy emotional, physical, and mental adjustments that will last the rest of their lives. She has trained with over 85 of the wellness industry's top specialists, including Deepak Chopra, Gabriella Bernstein, and Dr. Andrew Weil, and as a result she has developed a distinct, well-rounded teaching and coaching practice. 

Yoga and coaching sessions with Rosie


Yoga classes & more


  • Morning Yoga: Expect a dynamic uplifting energising flow to set you up on an incline, both mentally and physically as you start your day. Rosie’s sequences are tailored to your bio individual needs on that particular day, she’ll have you appropriately warmed up to meet peak poses that best suit you as a practitioner, your ability, energy levels and mindset. Rosie weaves positive psychology and mantras into her classes so that students learn to work to their own strengths, reaping the benefits of both the physical practice, as well as the non-physical, keeping you fully immersed.

  • Afternoon Practice: Expect a more grounding practice, getting the mind out of anticipation and memory and back into the body, working through the deep connective tissues in your physical shape, in unison with the breath to fully ground. 

  • Masterclass: Your health is determined by much more than just the food you eat. You must also nourish the areas of your life that feed your soul, such as fostering positive relationships, movement, mindset in all areas of your life. This is the integration of all dimensions of your well-being to create true health and happiness. Rosie works alongside the group as a mentor to help implement changes that are the cornerstones of life long well-being. She will work with you to develop your personal approach to life and health that honours your unique body, and how to apply this approach to spark your own transformation.

  • Future forecast class: Dream it, live it! Rosie will host a free journaling future forecast ceremony to set realistic action steps to achieve your goals. 

All practices are open to yogis of all levels, from beginners to experienced.

COVID-19 | Yoga & Safety: Yoga sessions are held outdoors.  Guests are provided with a yoga mat, and they are responsible for keeping their mat clean throughout the retreat.

The fundamental elements of Greek and Cycladic cuisine dominate Andros' gastronomy. The island is blessed with fertile valleys filled with orange, lemon, mulberry, pomegranate, and fig trees. It produces oil, wine, raki, digestif liqueurs made from citrus fruits by local cooperatives, and pontzi, a local alcoholic beverage made from raki and honey.

All of your meals on this gorgeous island will contain natural products, fresh fruit and vegetables, local cheese, traditional dishes, and delectable desserts. At our luxurious yoga retreat, we curate nutritious meals in close collaboration with our in-house chef, who adds new delights to our menu on a daily basis based on the fresh ingredients.


COVID-19 | Food & Safety: All of our buffet-style meals will be served by our staff who are following all of the health guidelines. A member of our team will help the process run smoothly so you can avoid a congested line. Read more

The gastronomic philosophy of Andros


     The experience 

  • 6 island days / 5 nights - accommodation at our seaside resort

  • Daily yoga classes (Morning & Afternoon)  

  • A coaching session 

  • A future forecast class

  • Greek-inspired Vegetarian menu including: brunch & dinner | Vegan & gluten free options available

  • Group pickup & drop off from Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Rafina Port and from Andros port to the villas

  • Yoga equipment (mats, blocks)

  • Greek designers Goodie bags

  • Hiking Tour at the watermills of Frousseoi: A stream side route full of vegetation in northern Andros

  • A wine tasting experience in the heart of Andros island

  • Visit to Batsi village and the city (Chora) of Andros 

  • Optional spa treatments / healing massages and body/facial treatments (at extra cost)

  • Island Adventures - Enjoy leisurely downtime at the beautiful beaches of Andros

Retreat activities


Are you traveling on your own? Then this room is perfect for you! We match you up with a roomie!

  • Valley or partial sea-view room with two single beds & en suite shower bathroom |CLASSIC DOUBLE -- 1.990€ per person

  • Valley or partial sea-view suite with two single beds & en suite shower bathroom |JUNIOR SUITE -- 2.090€ per person

  • Sea-view room with two single beds & en suite shower bathroom | PRESIDENTIAL VILLA -- 2.190€ per person


  • Valley or partial sea-view room with king size bed & en suite shower bathroom |CLASSIC DOUBLE -- 1.990€ per person

  • Valley or partial sea-view suite with with king size bed & en suite shower bathroom |JUNIOR SUITE -- 2.090€ per person

  • Sea-view room with king size bed & shared bathroom with another room | PRESIDENTIAL VILLA -- 2.190€ per person

  • Master suite with king size bed & en suite shower bathroom | PRESIDENTIAL VILLA -- 2.290€ per person

* This room is ideal for 2 people - couples or besties - who are willing to share a room

  • Valley or partial sea-view room with king bed & en suite shower bathroom |CLASSIC DOUBLE -- 2.290€ per person

  • Valley or partial sea-view suite with king size bed and en suite shower bathroom |JUNIOR SUITE -- 2.390€ per person

  • Sea-view room with king size bed & shared bathroom with another room | PRESIDENTIAL VILLA -- 2.490€ per person

  • Master suite with king size bed & en suite shower bathroom | PRESIDENTIAL VILLA -- 2.590€ per person

—> Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort consists of 24 independent villas ranging in size between 40-400 m2.

—> View photos and more information about the rooms here

—> There is a 600€ booking fee to reserve your spot. Payment plans available.

—> The above prices include EU Tax VAT 24%.

—> Early bird offer: Book by December 31 by using the code SEASON2024 at checkout and get up to €250 discount.

—> See our full cancellation policy here.


Flights, ferry tickets and travel insurance are not included in the above-mentioned retreat prices.

Room options & Retreat prices  

Your itinerary

08.00 - 08.30     Herbal tea | Coffee | Fruits 

08.30 - 10.00     Morning Practice

10.00 - 11.00     Brunch

11.00 - 17.00     Activities | Beach| Free Time

17.00 - 18.30     Afternoon Practice

19.00 - 20:30     Dinner

Check in | out

  • June 8: Room Check in: 15:00

  • June 13: Room Check out: 11:00

  • The retreat officially starts at 17:00 with the first yoga practice.

  • In case of early arrival, you can leave your luggage at the villas and spend some time at the nearby beach.

Take me there

Andros is the nearest Cycladic island to Athens, being only a short boat trip away from the port of Rafina.

Arrival by ferry: Ferries to Andros leave from Athens' Rafina port. Rafina port is close to Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". Andros island has also direct ferry connections to Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, and Kythnos. The ferry ride from Athens or Mykonos to Andros takes roughy two hours.

We advise our guests to allow one day before and after the retreat for travel and to buy flexible or refundable plane tickets. 

*Flights, boat tickets, and travel insurance are not included in the above-mentioned retreat fees. The transfer cost by taxi from Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Rafina Port and from Andros port to the villas is included in the price. The transfer cost by taxi from Andros port to the villas is included in the price also for the guests that will arrive to Andros from Mykonos airport. Upon request, Seva Yoga Retreats sets up group transportation from Athens International Airport. After the group is assembled and we have a sense of everyone's itinerary, we will schedule your transportation so that we can pair guests based on their expected arrival times. Our driver will pick you up at a prearranged location. 

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