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Yoga retreats Greece 2024

Welcome to our 2024 retreats! With our dream locations and world class yoga teachers, Seva Yoga Retreats offer a truly inspiring and transformational experience, a lifestyle immersion. These in-depth retreats give you the tools to imagine a life you never had before. Focus on alleviating the stress of modern living by spending time in nature in a rejuvenating experience that will allow you to focus your energy inwards.

Greece has been an important center of spirituality since antiquity. Ancient Greeks believed that physical fitness and mental clarity were two sides of the same coin and training was more of a civic duty rather than a lifestyle choice. Greece is a true hub for yoga retreats; climate, culture, and people are all contributing factors to a zen atmosphere.

Seva Yoga Retreats aim to inspire personal growth and development through wellness. These luxury yoga retreats push you to unplug and reach your potential through daily yoga and meditation. Popular yoga styles at the retrats include Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, Yin yoga and yoga Nidra. 

Rooted in yoga and meditation, these yoga retreats are designed to guide you toward regaining mental, physical and emotional balance. You can get the best of both worlds, with morning invigorating yoga sessions and relaxing evenings practices. 

Join sessions of Vinyasa flow with Yoga Alliance Professionals, delve into delicious deep meditation practices, enjoy a unique healthy culinary experience, and have free time to lounge by the turquoise waters of the Aegean sea.


Upcoming Retreats

Would you like to practice yoga and meditation on a tranquil Greek island or a secluded beach to get away from it all? Greece is one of the best European locations for yoga that you should look into. Greek islands provide some of the continent's most beautiful and tranquil environments, making them perfect for a yoga retreat.

Highlights of the retreat include daily yoga classes, organic meals, free time to explore beaches and local markets as well as cultural excursions. Our group yoga retreats pair world-class teachers with stunning luxury venues in the Greek islands.

Our 2024 Retreats Program is now available! We hope you discover the yoga retreat that resonates with you! Please feel free to contact our team for further details at or book a free call to discuss what suits you best!


Past Retreats


Going on a yoga retreat is a great way to broaden your yoga and life experience. You can try different yoga styles and clear your mind in a space with a smaller group of people. Choose yoga holidays, an alternative type of vacation, combining both physical and mental relaxation.


Satisfy your wanderlust with a yoga retreat and experience the benefits of practicing yoga daily under the guidance of top yoga teachers. Imagine waking every morning to birdsong and spectacular sunrises, revitalising with daily yoga classes and savoring healthy Greek cuisine.

We offer a variety of classes, from strong morning vinyasa inspired flows to afternoon restorative yoga sessions. All yoga shalas are semi-open spaces that are washed in natural light and an odor that is reminiscent of Greece. Join us for a luxury yoga retreat in Greece that fuses together asanas with sunset meditations and pranayama practices.

This is your chance to go within with a unique blend of meditation, breathwork and yoga practice. We will guide you beyond the mental chatter to a place of pure silence, wisdom, wholeness and infinite possibilities. This will allow you to gain strength, flexibility, mental and emotional clarity and a strong sense of connection through your practice.

Treat yourself to a holistic yoga experience

yoga-on-the -beach

When you picture Greece, chances are it's filled with images of beautiful beaches. Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the world. Half of the country's coastlines are made up of the islands that take shape in a myriad variety of beaches, bays and coves.


The country is home to a variety of beaches - from unspoiled to overcrowded ones - satisfying every traveler’s need. Whether you're looking for a peaceful cove to swim and fish or an endless beach with waves big enough for windsurfing, Greece's beaches have it all.


Every Greek beach is engulfed in beauty. Some beaches are lush-green with pines reflecting in the water, while others were created from volcanoes that mesmerize with nature's power. Whatever beach you find yourself on, you'll be enchanted by the colors and formations that make every Greek beach a unique experience.


Embrace the immense peacefulness of the sea, soak in the secrets of wellness and dreamy surroundings and live the ultimate dream summer vacation.

Explore the magical waters of the Aegean sea


A trip to Greece means a fascinating exploration of flavors, unexpected combinations of ingredients and an endless variety of tastes. The Greek flavor palette changes from place to place, as does the general spectrum of raw ingredients. Island cooking tends to be lean and pared down, with an emphasis on simple vegetable and bean dishes, olive oils and herbs. 

The Cyclades Islands cuisine is primordial and reflects its long cultural history. The cuisine is distinctively heady, aromatic, and ripened in the bright sun. the cuisine is a separate story of the Greek gastronomic tradition and the world culinary history.


We believe in healthy food that's prepared with loving energy. All our dishes are made fresh daily and align with core values of freshness, nutrition, and variety. Enjoy the authentic taste of local delicacies under the Greek sun.

Taste the traditional dishes of the Greek cuisine


Dreaming of a luxury holiday in Greece? When it comes to accommodation, guests will stay at residences that feel more like private homes and showcase an elegant east meets west aesthetic. The venues offer the ultimate idyllic experience, with a unique blend of ultra-luxurious facilities, five star services, contemporary architecture and authentic Greek hospitality.

These residences are the perfect places to hide away in your own secluded haven of relaxation amidst the sea and sky, relax in the marvelous interiors, and enjoy a relaxing swim in the crystal clear aquamarine waters. Combining the breathtaking magnificence of unspoiled nature with the sophistication of contemporary design, these luxury villas stand out as the pinnacle of exclusive hospitality on the Aegean islands.


Simply soak in the authentic feel of luxury 

koufonisi villas
koufonisi villas
koufonisi villas
koufonisi villas
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