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Replenish Your Energy Reiki & Yoga Retreat

FAY GOODMAN | TINOS, GREECE | June 10 - 15, 2023


Replenish Your Energy Yoga Retreat is the ideal fusion of self-improvement, therapy and relaxation. Join this unique and exhilarating life-changing luxury yoga retreat in Greece to replenish your depleted energy and discover the therapeutic benefits of yoga and reiki. This retreat is a blend of hatha, restorative yoga and meditation practice with the guidance of an expert teacher along with reiki sessions in a beautiful natural setting. This yoga retreat is ideal for you if you've been yearning to fully unwind and recharge on a Greek island while gazing out at the infinite blue of the Mediterranean. 

Combining two healing arts such as reiki and yoga can greatly enhance your individual powers. This Reiki and Yoga Retreat will restore equilibrium to your body, mind and soul and help you regain your overall well-being. It is especially designed for those who want to experience energetic clearing from the pollution of the mass noise and external distractions. Instilling a sense of calm and belonging, clarity, inner balance and wellness are restored via the effortless integration of nature, plant-based diet, yoga, reiki sessions and meditation.

A powerful healing combination for exponential growth


Tinos island is considered to be an authentic island in the heart of the Aegean Sea. It is a popular destination due to its spiritual aura, wild marble-carved beauty, spectacular sandy beaches and endless scenery. As part of the Cyclades islands, Tinos is the birthplace of renowned Greek sculptors and painters and maintains its authenticity. Your destination is a private 8-acre estate with 8 ecologically friendly boutique villas surrounded by gardens with olive trees, grapes, flowers and herbs. Each villa is surrounded by a private garden and is divided into two levels featuring a private swimming pool, offering an ultimate luxury experience and relaxing yoga holidays. The luxury villas are situated in a tranquil spot with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands of Mykonos, Delos (one of the most significant archaeological sites of Greece), Rineia and Syros. See more images

COVID-19 | Cleaning & Safety: All villas have aquired the "Health First" badge and follow the health protocols. The villas are equipped with sanitisers and the high-risk areas are disinfected and thoroughly cleaned dailyRead more

Luxury villas with tailored experiences


The yoga shala 

The yoga classes will take place near the swimming pool overlooking the sea. Immerse into yoga practice while enjoying stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands of Mykonos, Dilos, Rineia and Syros.

Covid-19 Note | The number of participants of this retreat is limited for better social distancing. The goal of this retreat is to spend most of the time outdoors and in nature. View our ‘Retreating with Safety’ measures and guidelines here.

Yoga with Fay

Fay is a certified Yoga Teacher RYT-500 and Reiki healer. She has received training in different styles of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Yin Yoga as well as meditation, and pranayama. In Bali, she earned her first RYT 200 certification and her RYT 300 certification in Rishikesh. Studying yoga therapy as a part of the RYT 300 diploma taught her how to deal with different injuries in a class setting, as well as rehabilitation techniques that students can apply outside of their yoga practice. At the London Reiki Academy, she earned her Reiki level I and level II certifications in 2018. In 2020 Fay embarked on her journey to become a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. Fay completed her studies in 2022 and the immense impact that her training had of her has leaked into her yoga classes also, meaning they focus on the mind as well as the body. Her classes are playful and explorative, turning your yoga practice into an opportunity to have fun as well as to connect in, give your nervous system the hug it needs and to expand beyond your physical limits.


Yoga classes & more


  • Morning Yoga: Expect a dynamic yet fluid Vinyasa inspired flow with creative sequences and space for self reflection.We will begin the day with an energising practice focusing on waking the body, mind and soul ready for the day. It will be a Hatha Flow style class but we will build the heat through conscious breath and held postures. It will still be a practice that is suitable for all levels with various options to help you connect to your own body and what you need in the moment.

  • Afternoon Practice: The afternoon practices will vary, some being a slow Hatha class grounding us down ready for the evening, some evenings we will fully surrender into meditation, pranayama and a complete yin practice focusing on the art of surrendering into the present moment.

  • Masterclass: We will hold a special reiki-infused Restorative Yoga Practice one evening, allowing the nervous system to have a deep reset and recharge. The reiki will help to sink you into a deeper state of consciousness and will work on a subtle energy to remove any energetic blockages that may be lingering.

  • New moon intention setting ceremony: On our final night we will all come together for an extremely special Intention Setting Ceremony. It will take place a few nights before the New Moon which is the perfect time to send off our wishes for the upcoming months. Around the time of the New Moon the energies that surround us re-set and it’s an opportunity to start afresh. A new moon acts as a new beginning, the energies align to make it an extremely powerful time to set intentions. During this ceremony we will be delving into a state of deep relaxation, working with meditation and hypnosis techniques to access our higher selves and receive insights and messages from within. Connecting you even deeper to your highest self. The New You will finish the retreat feeling whole, healed and ready for what’s next to come on your journey.

All practices are open to all levels from beginners to more advanced yogis.

COVID-19 | Yoga & Safety: Yoga sessions take place outdoors in a covered spacious shala, that is filled with natural light and easily aired. Guests are provided with a mat, and they are responsible for the cleaning of their mat throughout the duration of the retreat.

The island’s particular microclimate has helped to produce a variety of unique goods, some of which are exclusive to that island, making it a culinary heaven. Our culinary specialists have created a perfectly balanced vegetarian diet with island flavours for our nutrition. Each meal is infused with local flavours thanks to the use of the freshest daily ingredients from Tinos. We want to provide our visitors with an authentic flavour of Greek culture that goes beyond every gathering and food sharing.

COVID-19 | Food & Safety: All of our buffet-style meals will be served by our staff who are following all of the health guidelines (wearing masks and gloves). A member of our team will help the process run smoothly so you can avoid a congested line. Read more

An island for globetrotting gastronomes

  • 6 island days / 5 nights - accommodation at luxury villas

  • Daily yoga classes (Morning & Afternoon)  

  • A reiki-infused restorative yoga masterclass

  • A new moon intention setting ceremony

  • Vegetarian menu with a Greek twist including: brunch & dinner | Vegan & gluten free options available

  • Group pickup from Tinos port upon arrival & drop off on departure

  • Yoga equipment (mats, blocks, bolsters)

  • Greek designers Goodie bags

      The Retreat includes 

  • Island Hopping Day: A day where visitors can discover secluded beaches and deserted islands (subject to weather conditions) or a day trip to Mykonos to expore the island (extra cost for dinner)

  • Visit to the orthodox church of Panagia Evangelistria (Virgin Mary) at Tinos town

  • Visit to the villages of Tinos (Volax, Tarampados)

  • A wine tasting experience in the heart of Tinos island

  • Optional spa treatments / healing massages and body/facial treatments (at extra cost)

Retreat activities


Are you traveling on your own? Then this room is perfect for you! We match you up with a roomie!

  • Twin room with two single beds & shared shower bathroom with another room (Swimming pool view) -- 2.090€ per person

  • Double bed in a room with 1 bunk bed  & shared shower bathroom with another room  (Swimming pool view) -- 2.190€ per person

  • Bunk bed in a room with 1 double bed & shared shower bathroom with another room (Swimming pool view) -- 1.990€ per person

  • Room with a Queen size & en suite shower bathroom -- 2.190€ per person 

  • Master bedroom with a Queen size bed & en suite shower bathroom (Swimming pool view) -- 2.390€ per person

* This room is available for 2 people who are willing to share a Queen size double bed e.g. couples, two relatives or close friends

  • Room with a Queen size bed & en suite shower bathroom -- 2.690€ per person

  • Master bedroom with a Queen size bed & en suite shower bathroom (Swimming pool view) -- 2.790€ per person

—> View room photos here.

—> There is a 600€ booking fee to reserve your spot. Payment plans available

—> The above prices include EU Tax VAT 24%.

—> Early bird offer: Book by April 30 by using the code SEASON2023 at checkout and get up to 200 discount.

—> See our full cancellation policy here.

Flights, airport transfers, ferry tickets and travel insurance are not included in the above-mentioned retreat prices.


In case Covid-19 travel restrictions apply at the time of the retreat, prohibiting guests from travelling to Greece, any amounts paid will be fully refundable. 

Accomodation options & Retreat prices  

08.00 - 08.30     Herbal tea | Coffee | Seasonal Fruits 

08.30 - 10.00     Morning Practice

10.00 - 11.00     Brunch

11.00 - 17.00     Activities | Beach| Free Time

17.00 - 18.30     Afternoon Practice

19.00 - 20:30     Dinner

A typical day 

  • June 10: Room Check in: 15:00

  • June 15: Room Check out: 11:00

  • The retreat officially starts at 17:00 with the first yoga practice.

  • In case of early arrival, you can leave your luggage at the villa and spend some time at the nearby beach.

Check in | out

Travel information

Travelling to Tinos - Arrival by airplane: We suggest that you fly directly either to Mykonos or to Athens airport. 

Arrival by ferry: Tinos can be reached by boat from Athens or Aegean islands such as Mykonos, Syros, Paros or Naxos. Ferries from Athens to Tinos depart from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. Tinos is also easily accessible from Mykonos as it is only a 20-minute ferry trip away. 

We advise our guests to allow one day prior and after the retreat for their travelling and book flexible or refundable plane tickets. 

*Flights, boat tickets and travel insurance are not included in the retreat prices mentioned above.

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