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How to choose the perfect yoga retreat for you?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Traveling for yoga retreats has become very popular and choosing a yoga retreat can be challenging. You may not know where to go, whether it’s for beginners or advanced practitioners, or what style of yoga you prefer. Yoga retreats are the perfect opportunity for you to take your yoga practice to the next level. Whether you're just getting started, or an advanced practitioner, you'll be able to take away something that will enrich your time on the mat.

If you are feeling the need to replenish your spirit, reignite your passion for living, and find balance in your life, then a yoga retreat may be perfect for you. Before booking, however, take these 10 considerations into account when narrowing down your perfect yoga retreat.

1. Location

Choose to go to a place you love already or find a new place you’re interested in discovering. Do you love to explore new places or would you prefer to go to a place that you have already visited in the past? Do you prefer the city or the mountains, the countryside or are you a beach person? Do you prefer to explore culture, arts, and monuments or would you rather spend time on the beach?

If you're looking for the perfect escape, consider getting away to a more temperate climate. For instance, take yourself off for a week in Greece as you discover the delights of yoga holidays where the sun always shines and the food is just as fresh as the breeze skimming off the Aegean.

2. Price

If you plan on attending a retreat in the near future, start planning now. If you do not, you may end up paying higher prices when you arrive. Also, the timing of your visit can make a big difference in price. If your intention is to attend a yoga retreat during the off-season, you'll be able to find cheaper flights. Another perk of traveling in the off-season is that you'll have a less crowded experience.

In addition, think about the length of your retreat. A week-long retreat will be more expensive than a weekend retreat. Other questions to ask yourself could be regarding the transportation costs, how many meals are included with the package or whether accommodation is included in the price.

3. Type of yoga you will be practicing

It is important to find a retreat that matches your experience level. All retreats will provide you with information on what style of yoga and what level the retreat is intended for. Yet, in case you are a beginner, perhaps you wish to choose a yoga retreat that is not an ashtanga yoga retreat.

On the other hand, if you are dedicated to practicing the Ashtanga style of yoga, consider an Ashtanga retreat. But it might be better to try something new. Every style of yoga has something to offer, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try a new approach.

4. Yoga teacher

Choosing a location and a yoga teacher that inspires you will carry you a long way and in case you can not find the perfect one, most yoga retreat centers offer private retreats. Knowing the instructors who will be leading a yoga retreat would be a big consideration in the decision-making process. Have they led vacations in the past? Have they taught yoga? You should ask for testimonials from clients or any other yoga instructors you know to confirm you’ll be in competent hands.

5. Extra activities apart from yoga

If you want a retreat that is dedicated to yoga, then you should search for a location that offers a variety of activities such as hiking or kayaking. If you want a retreat where other activities are available but not necessarily the focus, then choose a location that offers a diverse range of activities.

6. Theme of the retreat

There are a variety of reasons to take a retreat. If you know what you need to get out of the experience, it will be easier to find a retreat that meets your needs. Some popular reasons to take a retreat are being able to get your life in order, losing weight, letting go of old emotions, and making new friends. By understanding what your intentions are and choosing the retreat theme that aligns with your needs, you will be able to connect with like-minded people and have an incredible experience.

7. Level of luxury

There are many kinds of retreats for all budgets, with plenty of options in between. You will find luxury retreats that offer you ocean views, private decks and patios, concierge service, and gourmet cuisine. And you will also find rustic retreats where you can camp in a national park, hike, and practice yoga. Choose the one that best suits your expectations.

8. Number of participants

Yoga retreats are great for connecting with like-minded people! One important question to ask is how many guests the retreat can hold at a time. You should choose a retreat that matches your needs, for example, if you don't like being in big groups of more than 40 people, then you should choose a retreat with a comfortable range of 10-15 people.

9. Menu

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or on a detox diet, there are many options to choose from at a yoga retreat. It is crucial to let the retreat organizer know about any food allergies or restrictions before they finalize the menu. Also, there are retreats that offer one or two meals per day, so be sure to check the local cuisine and the cost of restaurants in your chosen destination.

10. Timing and duration

The typical yoga retreat lasts 1-2 weeks, but plenty of 3-4 day weekends are available too, especially near big cities. These shorter retreats are perfect for when you need a quick getaway to restore your energy.

11. Intensity of the retreat

When looking for a yoga retreat, ask yourself how many classes and workshops you would like to attend. Yoga retreats offer a range of classes and workshops, from those that offer only one yoga class per day to those that offer as many as two or three. Figure out what your needs are and what would work best for you before you sign up for anything.

Bottom line

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing yoga holiday or improve your yoga skills, it is important to know how to choose a yoga retreat. However there are a lot more things to consider than location and price. The point of a yoga holiday is to leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, with a clear mind before you return to a fast-paced reality. So, before you commit to flying across the country (or to another country), have a good idea of what your expectations are and then you will be able to find the right retreat for you.

See our yoga retreats for 2022 and feel free to ask us more information.

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